Why Crypto Games Will Dominate Blockchain Gaming

Why Crypto Games Will Dominate Blockchain Gaming


Crypto Games are a new way to play. They’re the first of their kind: games that use blockchain technology, letting you earn and win real money.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but several games are also taking advantage of this new wave of technology. These games are called crypto games, which use blockchain technology to give players ownership over their digital items and profits. In this article, we will discuss what makes crypto games unique and why they may be the future of gaming.

What are Crypto Games?

Crypto games are blockchain-based video games that use cryptocurrencies as their in-game currency. They are decentralized, meaning no single entity controls the game’s data and no central server for players to log in. In most cases, crypto games have token economies. They have virtual currencies that can be purchased with real money or earned by playing in-game tasks or completing quests. Crypto games also feature intelligent contracts, allowing you to buy weapons or armor with cryptocurrency tokens.

One of the first crypto games was CryptoKitties, which has become wildly popular since its launch in December 2017. Another well-known example is Etheremon; this game allows users to catch and train monsters known as Etheremon to battle other players’ demons at gyms worldwide.

Trustless systems

Because blockchain technology is based on trustless networks, ownership transfers may occur without a trusted third party. You don’t have to rely on a centralized authority with blockchain tech; instead, you can use smart contracts to verify transactions and deed transfers. With crypto games, this feature allows you to buy virtual items from other players without worrying about fraud or theft.

The fact that these two things are not guaranteed leads many gamers (and investors) away from mainstream titles like these because it may seem like there’s no way for them ever to know if what they’re purchasing is legit.

Data Security and Trust

The blockchain is a distributed ledger that records transactions in a public and verifiable way while storing them on a permanent and immutable database. The data stored on a blockchain is firm, transparent, and secure.

The next thing to consider is how this impacts game developers. With traditional game development platforms like Unity3D or Unreal Engine 4, there are many steps involved in creating your game: designing characters; writing dialogue; animating movements; adding sound effects; etc., all before you can show it to anyone else! For these reasons alone, games often take months or even years to develop before getting released for sale on Steam (which has about 2 million monthly active users).

With blockchain technology, however, we have seen tremendous speed increases from just one week after launching CryptoKitties (one of the most popular crypto collectible games). They had reached over $1 billion worth of sales since launch day!

Crypto Games are the Future of Decentralized Gaming.

You may have heard about CryptoKitties, a fad that swept the internet in 2017. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CryptoKitties is a game where players buy and sell virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can breed their kitties together to create new rare breeds, or they can trade their kitties for cryptocurrency like ether (ETH).


Crypto games are the future of blockchain gaming. There are many benefits to using a blockchain-based game versus traditional centralized systems. They will allow users to experience new types of gameplay that have never been possible before. It can also help developers create better games by giving them more freedom.

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