Who Are ECHO Esports?

Who Are ECHO Esports

ECHO, formerly known as AURA Philippines, is a gaming group that operates under AURA Esports and is headquartered in the Philippines. We are a reputable gaming company established in 2020 by the most accomplished World of Warcraft gamers and Mobile legends players in the game’s history.

They are more than just a team that competes in electronic sports. They are proud of their ability to utilize their platform in a way that contributes to creating meaningful change. Winning their community’s hearts due to their work with charitable organizations such as Rise Above the Disorder and INHOPE.

They are fortunate enough to share a vision with their community and their partners: to push the boundaries of their business and improve the quality of their customer’s experiences. Echo is only complete because of the extended family of our community and partners. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance for them to be honest, authentic, and transparent, and for every decision, we make to reflect these values.

Both the inside and the outside contribute to one’s level of strength. Dedicated to interacting with and amusing members of their community through a spirit of healthy competition, reciprocal respect, and an abundance of memes.

M4 World Championship vs Blacklist International

In the M4 World Championship, ECHO emerged victorious over Blacklist International.

ECHO’s path through the MLBB esports landscape has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. In the previous years of the MLBB Professional League (MPL) Philippines, specifically in Seasons 8 and 9, the club got off to a shaky start, which led to criticism and worries about their capabilities as a group.

However, in Season 10, the squad turned things around and won the championship. However, they relentlessly improved and returned even more powerful in the next season. They staged a remarkable comeback in Season 10. Still, in the end, they could not prevail against Blacklist International in the championship match.

However, ECHO Esports did not allow that loss to dishearten them. Instead, they continued to practice and put in a lot of effort. It paid off for them when they could exact sweet vengeance on Blacklist International in the M4 World Championship. They showed their increased talents and strategies as a team by winning the series with a comfortable 4-0 victory, which dominated the competition. ECHO successfully drove Blacklist International to the edge of its competitive capabilities. They banned most of Blacklist International’s signature picks, including Estes, Diggie, and Gloo. It prevented Blacklist International’s key players, especially Jonmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna, from performing to their fullest potential.

This tactic proved essential to their victory, which ultimately stopped Blacklist International from claiming a global series championship for the second year.