How to Play at Thetan Arena Crypto Game?

How to Play at Thetan Arena Crypto Game

Since its inception, Thetan Arena, a play-to-earn blockchain game, has attracted over 24 million participants. It was one of the top five blockchain games downloaded in 2021. The gameplay combines strategic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) features with other competitive elements. Players can win NFT and token awards through skill or teamwork.


Thetan Arena’s economy consists of two tokens: Thetan Gem (THG) and Thetan Coin (THC).

The entire supply of $THG is $420M. It is an easily earned token. Users can obtain it through staking Thetan Heroes, completing challenges, accumulating game time, engaging in governance, etc. Players can utilize $THG to participate in government, trade on the market, evolve heroes, and other activities.

By playing the game, players can earn $THC. Participating in combat, tasks, and ranking awards earns players THC. The cost of the Thetan Box, which contains Thetan Heroes, is $THC.

Thetan Arena Game Action

So, what makes Thetan Arena so special? The gameplay of Thetan Arena is well-developed. Let’s check it out.

Download and Register

Download the game from the homepage. You can download versions for Android, iOS, or PC. Set up the game. The game’s visuals are excellent. You can currently play as a Guest or Login/Register.

If you Play as a Guest, you will lose all your progress. Some essential game features are also unavailable to guests.

We will Log In using the ID we created previously. A code will be sent to your email address. Claim 3 Heroes at random.

Go to the website for Thetan Arena and retrieve the Welcome Box.

Visit the marketplace to acquire your Gift Box. Synchronize your wallet. You should be participating in the Binance Smart Chain. Please note that this wallet will always be linked to your Thetan Arena account. If you are a new player, click “Create New Game Account.”

There is an option to receive your Welcome Box for free on the ThetanBox menu. You will need this to begin the game. You will receive a Hero, Cosmetic, or gTHC as a gift. Additionally, understand that you may only claim the box once.

Locate the claimed present within your inventory. The is unlockable after 24 hours after the moment of the claim. You must now install the game and log into it.

Thetan Arena Heroes

Assassin: Assassins are the principal combatants who engage the opponent directly, kill them, and then rapidly withdraw. However, they are in poor health.

  • Health Point: Low
  • Attack Rate: High
  • Speed: High

Marksman: During combat, the Marksman has the most damage output.

  • Health Point: Normal
  • Attack Rate: High
  • Speed: Normal

Tank: During combat, tank heroes are on the front lines. They engage the enemy and protect their allies from taking damage.

  • Health Point: High
  • Attack Rate: Normal
  • Speed: Slow


The objective is to be the sole survivor. Destroy supply boxes to acquire power-ups. You are within an arena and must play strategically. A particularly effective approach is to remain hidden until most of your opponents have been eliminated, and you are left with only a handful of foes. The level of difficulty will vary. Additionally, locate the health and power-up locations.

In Thetan Arena, you can play Battle Royale, a multiplayer mode, in addition to the single-player mode.


The Thetan Arena Gameplay is straightforward, fluid, and focuses on strategy. It is exhilarating, intuitive, and absorbing. To earn a considerable quantity of money, you will need to devote a great deal of time to the game. This game is most suitable for avid players. Casual players can generate income with the Hero Rent tool.