Baseball Free Picks – Sports Betting

Baseball Free Picks - Sports Betting

The MLB season is in full swing, and there’s no better time to take advantage of some baseball free picks. Each day I’ll be offering up a run-line pick of the day, a total pick of the day, and a money-line pick of the day based on my predictions for games that evening. So, grab your favorite team’s hat and bet with confidence!

Run-Line Pick of the Day

The most common way to bet on run lines is through what’s known as “minus money,” which means that if your team wins by one or two runs, you’ll get your original wager back plus an equal payout.

Run-line betting is a pretty simple concept, but it cannot be obvious when you first start baseball betting. It can seem counterintuitive initially because it’s different from how most sports work when dealing with point spreads (which usually pay out based on whether or not one team wins outright by more than seven points).

Total Pick of the Day

For our pick, we will go with the total combined score of both teams. The total is computed using three factors:

  • Run Line
  • Money Line
  • Over/Under (sometimes called O/U)

The run line is a simple concept if you bet on a team with +100 on their run line. They must win by at least one run to win your bet. If they lose by less than that, you lose your money. The same goes if your team has -100 on its run line—you have to lose by more than one run for them to win your bet. It is how baseball betting works most often—it’s just another way for bookmakers to ensure they don’t lose money when there’s no clear favorite or underdog.

Money-Line Pick of the Day

Money-line picks are a popular way to bet on baseball games because they allow you to wager on the outcome of a game without having to predict the score.

For example, suppose you think that Team A will beat Team B and win by two runs but also know that Team A is a much better team than Team B (and therefore has more chances of winning). In that case, you can bet on Team A using one side of the money-line pick (Team A -155) or with another (Team A +130) to get better odds for your prediction.

If you think both teams have an equal chance at winning, then it’s best to choose one side and stick with it instead of trying two different predictions!


The MLB season is long, and there’s no doubt that the grind can wear on you. That’s why having a few baseball free picks each week can be so helpful to cheer you up. If you need help with your favorite team or want to try something new, we hope these tips will help!

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